Montana Board of Nursing Continuing Education

Total Hours Required: RN / LPN 24 hours | Renewal Cycle: 2 Years

Montana RN's and LPN's are required to complete a minimum of 24 contact hours during the two-year renewal period (1 contact hour for each month).

For additional information see Biennial Continuing Education Requirements, ARM 24.159.2102 at

Required Courses

Montana has no specific course requirements for RN's or LPN's.

License Expiration Dates

In Montana, nursing licenses are valid for 2-years beginning on January 1st and expiring on December 31st of the following year. Half of Montana nurse licenses expire in even numbered years, and half expiring in odd numbered years.

For additional information see How many contact hours do I need and by when? at

Audits and Retaining CE Records

"All CE must be documented to show proof of completion (and) licensees are responsible for maintaining these records for two years following the renewal cycle reporting period and making records available upon request." For additional information see Auditing of Contact Hours, ARM 24.159.2106 at

MedCEC makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of CE requirement information for each state however information is subject to change without notice. This is a summary of CE requirements, please verify current CE requirements by visiting the Montana Board of Nursing.