Nevada Board of Nursing Continuing Education

Total Hours Required: RN / LPN 30 hours | Renewal Cycle: 2 Years

Nevada RN's and LPN's must completed a minimum of 30 contact hours during the two-year renewal period.

For additional information see the Nevada Nurse Practice Act, Continuing education: Prerequisite to renewal of license; exemption; review of courses by Board; required and recommended courses (Effective January 1, 2020), NRS 632.343 (1) at

Required Courses

Nevada requires that nurses complete, within 2-years of initial licensure, a 4-hour course related to the medical consequences of an act of bioterrorism that involves the use of a weapon of mass destruction. For additional information see NRS 632.343 (3)(b). MedCEC™ does not currently offer this course.

License Expiration Dates

In Nevada, nurses must renew their license biennially (every 2-years) on a date or according to a schedule of dates prescribed by regulation of the Board. For additional information see NRS 632.341(1).

Audits and Retaining CE Records

"The Board conducts random audits the first of each month. If you are selected for an audit the Board will send a message to your Nevada Nurse Portal account and email address, the month after you submitted your renewal application to inform you that you have been selected for an audit. This notice will provide you will comprehensive instructions regarding completing your audit." For additional information see How will I know if I am selected for an audit?, at

MedCEC makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of CE requirement information for each state however information is subject to change without notice. This is a summary of CE requirements, please verify current CE requirements by visiting the Nevada Board of Nursing.