North Dakota Board of Nursing Continuing Education

Total Hours Required: RN / LPN 12 hours | Renewal Cycle: 2 Years

North Dakota RN's and LPN's are required to complete a minimum of 12 contact hours of CE within the two-year period preceding license renewal. For additional information see NDCC 54-02-05-08, Continuing Education Requirements for Relicensure at

Required Courses

North Dakota has no specific course requirements for RN's or LPN's.

License Expiration Dates

In North Dakota, nursing licenses are valid for 2 calendar years and are subject to renewal prior to December 31st of the second year.  For additional information see Renewal Dates at

Audits and Retaining CE Records

"At least two percent (2%) of the renewal applications will be subject to random audit per renewal cycle. A licensee who submits inaccurate or falsified documentation or fails to meet the CE requirement will be subject to disciplinary action based on Chapter 54-02-07-01.1(7)(13)(18)." For additional information see Continuing Education Renewal Requirements Policy - Audit Process at

MedCEC makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of CE requirement information for each state however information is subject to change without notice. This is a summary of CE requirements, please verify current CE requirements by visiting the North Dakota Board of Nursing.