Wyoming State Board of Nursing Continuing Education

Total Hours Required for RN / LPN / CNA : 15-30 hours | Elective Hours: 15-30 | Renewal Cycle: 2 Years

Wyoming RN's, LPN's / VN's and CNA's have several CE options for renewal varying from 15 to 30 hours of CE depending upon hours of active nursing practice / employment in the CNA role within the past two (2) years prior to renewal. APRN's who are not nationally certified however, who have been recognized by the state, and maintained continuous licensure in Wyoming since January 1st of 1999, are required to completed 60 hours of CE related to the APRN's recognized role and population focus area.

For additional information see Chapter 2, Section 13 of  the General Rules & Regulations of the Wyoming Board of Nursing.

Required Courses

RN's, LPN's/VN's, CNA's - No specific required courses | 15-30 elective hours

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse - APRN's with prescriptive authority shall also submit evidence of three (3) hours of continuing education related to the responsible prescribing of controlled substances or treatment of substance abuse disorders. (MedCEC™ course - Best Prescribing and Drug Diversion Training | 3 hr).

License Expiration Dates

Under Wyoming Administrative Rules (Code), Chapter 2, APRN's, RN's, LPN's / VN's and CNA's are required to make application for renewal of their license on or before October 1st of every even-numbered year with all licenses and certificates expiring on December 31st of the renewal year. For additional information see Board of Nursing, General, Chapter 2: Licensure/Certification Requirements

Submitting Evidence of Meeting Competency under Section 13 and Retaining CE Records

Applicants seeking Relicensure / Recertification shall submit evidence of meeting competency under Section 13.  The Board may request verification of compliance at any time. It is suggested that you maintain evidence of CE completion for your most recent 2-3 consecutive renewal periods (4-6 years). MedCEC™ provides free certificate storage if you need to retrieve certificates for any reason. For additional information see Section 13, Competency for Licensure / Certification Continuing In Or Returning to Practice.

MedCEC makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of CE requirement information for each state however information is subject to change without notice. This is a summary of CE requirements, please verify current CE requirements by visiting the Wyoming State Board of Nursing.